A great distance test

Improving your control of distance on the putting green will have a big impact on your scorecard. You’ll certainly have far fewer 3-putts. So let’s practise a drill to improve, and even have a little competition with friends.

Find a flattish practice space and place a tee 10 feet away, and another a further 40 feet away. 

Take your first putt and get it just past the 10-foot tee. Your next putt must go beyond the first putt. Your third putt beyond your second putt, and so on until you hit it past the 50-foot tee, or leave it short of your target distance.

How many can you manage? Practice and see what record you can set. Find some friends and make it a Friday evening fun event.

We want to make you a better putter

Come and have your putter setup checked and your putting stroke assessed.