We’re two weeks in to some simple advice on how to improve your scorecard using the Par 3 holes.
They’re an opportunity for everyone. Removing risk helps.

Simple Tip #3
Where’s the easiest and safest target? Before you even look for the flag,
find the point on the green that gives you the largest room for error.

In this example, even going over the back of the target area marked will leave you a chip and putt for a 3,
so you’re looking at a 4 at worst. Go at the flag and the consequences of a miss could be much greater.
Even if you fly the flag and land in the bunker, you’re then faced with a bunker shot back towards water.
Going at the flag is a 2 or bust!

You’ll be faced with a course management challenge on all approach shots, not just Par 3’s.
Try playing a round where you take a ‘safety first’ approach to every shot. Check out your score.
Is it an improvement if you play within yourself? Course management is an important part of your game;
if you’d be interested in an accompanied round to help with your course management,