Here we are. Prepare to be inspired by the Masters. Enjoy the entertainment. Gorge on golf. But then, next week get out there. Bring that inspiration to your golf game. Whether it's learning, ... See more
Week after week we watch the best Professionals hit amazing tee shots, approaches, and hole-outs. How do they even practice for them?

They can't! But they can certainly be well-prepared. You ...
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Next week is April, and we all know what that means. Yes, it’s time for The Masters, and the golf season is off and running. April 11th to 14th at Augusta is when one of the greatest shows on earth ... See more
On approach shots, take one club more than you think you need, make a good shoulder turn but concentrate on tempo rather than power. Let us know how it goes: See more
Most of you know that your position at address isn’t the same as your position at impact. But not so many amateur golfers can show us the correct impact position.
We can help: See more
The young guns are all over the major golf tours now. They’re lithe, strong, and can hit the golf ball a long, long way. But in recent weeks two of the older members of the PGA Tour have reminded us ... See more
Why do you want to play better golf?
If you speak to fitness trainers many will tell you that a customer who says “I want to lose weight” is already a lost cause. It is insufficient motivation to ...
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It is often said that the quickest way to lower your handicap or improve your scorecard is to improve your putting and then your short game. But I wonder if lowering your handicap is the biggest ... See more
The new rules have come in for some scrutiny in the professional tournaments around the world over the past couple of weeks. There’s clearly clarification on the rules required in some ... See more
Looking back on 2018, what golf memories did you make? What was special about the year for you? Now, as you think forward to golf in 2019, what will you add to your game or your experience to make ... See more
We have two swing thoughts that will help you get the maximum enjoyment out of golf this January:

Play the conditions. Don’t fight them. Be less aggressive; swing easier; but do make a ...
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Amongst the resolutions people will have made for 2019, many will fall under the categories of “Health & well-being”; “Social engagement”; and “Time for yourself”. Guess what? Golf delivers on all of ... See more
Wherever you are, and whoever you’re with, we would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving:
You read about the best golfers making the case of golf being a sport that exercises the mind. Does it exercise yours? Read more: See more
So, the big question for you is: how much do you want to play better golf? Are you sure about "why" you’d want to play better golf?
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When we look at club choice, amateurs select a club for approach shots that, if they hit it perfectly, will get to the middle of the green. Try a round where you choose a club that should get to the ... See more
I’ve watched quite a few golfers playing mid-range pitch shots over the last weeks. There seems to be one of two techniques used by the majority to try and get the ball to stop quickly.
Learning ...
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The ball flight of the Professionals on mid and longer wedge shots is almost always significantly lower than those we see amateurs playing. But these lower flighted shots land, hop and stop quickly. ... See more
...and makes team golf more enjoyable. Click here if you want to try it:
For what it’s worth, we’d like to make the observation that team golf is a lot of fun. Despite the heat of battle at the Ryder Cup, it’s a very social event. Anyone want to give it a try? Let us ... See more
It’s Ryder Cup week. What an event. What spectacle. In a suburb in the southwest of Paris, France the 42nd Ryder Cup Matches will take place on the Albatros Course of Le Golf National, ... See more
A part of our job is to help improve your golf experience. So, don’t let a struggle ruin your next game of golf. If something isn’t right with your game; if it is a struggle on most days; or you know ... See more
On a scale of zero to ten, each time you play, how important is your playing experience? By that I mean your experience hitting your shots?

If you played better next week than you did the ...
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If you didn’t give us your $ 64 million answer, then please do so now. We’d love you to answer just one simple question about improvement.

There’s nothing confidential. It’s not a sales ...
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We want you to focus on how much pleasure there is, for the vast majority of regular and occasional golfers, in a golf shot that’s struck in the sweet spot. They say it’s the one great shot that ... See more
“The founders of this great game came from a generation where everything was a struggle; just for life. So why shouldn’t golf be a struggle as well? And to even out that struggle between competitors, ... See more
Brooks Koepka bags his third Major in 14 months and becomes only the 5th person to win the US Open and PGA Championship in the same year.
To see how we can help you enjoy your golf more click ...
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Women have been a significant part of the growth in golf over the last decade. Therefore, it’s pleasing to see another new youngster at the top of the leaderboard. Congratulations to Georgia ... See more

Become a better putter to win

To win you need to become a better Putter. If you want to have more fun playing golf...

Follow the rest here:


Junior golf is ramping up for the summer. The Junior Summer Academy starts tomorrow, June 2nd. Spots still available!

Check out all our junior golf offerings this summer here.
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Make new friends and have more fun

Last night we had two groups of Beginning Golf I students come out and play the golf course together. They hit it off during class and they had a blast on the course. That's what it's all about. ... See more

Summer Time is Junior Golf Time

It is SUMMER time!! Don't know what your child is going to do the whole summer?
Sign them up for our amazing summer camps at Meadow Links & Golf Academy!

The Junior Summer Academy and ...
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This is your year for better golf

Take some time for yourself and make this the year that you take the step to have more fun on the course. Below are some upcoming events for adult golfers of all levels.

Short Game School ...
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Summer Is Almost Here

Summer is almost here and kids will be out of school soon. We have junior programs for all level of golfer this summer.

The Junior Summer Academy is a great deal for your kids to learn on ...
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Kids Enjoying Golf

Parents, check out these fun summer programs to help your child learn, improve and have more fun playing golf this summer.

Meadow Links Junior Golf Academy
This series of thirty ...
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A Thank You To Those That Served

PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) is a FREE golf program designed for active duty & military Veterans’ HOPE offers Veterans an introduction to the sport of golf, with instruction led by ... See more

Summer Junior Golf Camps

Summer is right around the corner. Check out these fun camps and our summer long academy designed to help kids develop their skills and get more enjoyment out of the game. Open to kids age 9-15. ... See more

PGA Junior League & Spring Training Academy

PGA Junior League
PGA Junior League Golf is a fun, and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls, ages 13 and under, to learn and enjoy the game of golf from PGA Professionals. Like many other ...
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Junior Golf Fun

If you know a youngster you’d like to introduce to golf, we have programs that will offer them a journey, which will include great fun, lots of enjoyment, satisfaction and plenty of time outdoors in ... See more
This is your year to play better golf! If you want to shoot your lowest score ever, beat your friends, or just have more fun on the course choose a class and we can help you achieve your goals. ... See more

Spring is here Fun is here

Spring is here and that means its time to get back to golf and have some fun.

We have exciting coaching programs for golfers of all ages and abilities including the NEW Junior Spring ...
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The Best Deal In Golf

Titleist will again be offering their Loyalty Rewarded program this spring. Purchase three dozen Pro V1 or Pro V1X golf balls and receive one free.
Customize your ball with your name, initials, ...
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Kids are raving about PGA Junior League Golf.

PGA Junior League Golf is a fun, social and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls, ages 13 and under, to learn and enjoy the game of golf from PGA Professionals. Like many other recreational ... See more

Have you Seen Your Swing on Video

This weekend kicks off our free winter programs at Meadow Links. Each week presents a new topic to help you improve and enjoy your golf more this season. See you Sunday!

Sunday, March 12 ...
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Junior Golf this Summer

Fun, friends, golf!
Here’s what parents are saying about our Junior Summer Academy and Summer Camps!

"Abby came home from camp talking about friends she met and the fun activities that she participated ...
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Treat Yourself

Celebrate Women's Golf Month in style with a Full Swing Clinic and Chocolate Tasting Program at Meadow Links.
Sunday, June 5 1:00 p.m. Click Here to Register. See more

Summer Junior Golf Camps

Meadow Links Junior Golf Camp
Designed for juniors ages 10-15, this four-day camp covers all aspects of the short game, full swing, on-course skill development, strategy, rules, etiquette and ...
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Summer Long Junior Academy

Meadow Links Junior Golf Academy
This series of clinics offers a great opportunity for boys and girls to gain knowledge of the game, improve their swing techniques and improve their golf skills, ...
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Beginning Golf 1 for adults is a perfect place to start!

10:1 student ration, lots of fun!
"Our group had so much fun. Beginning Golf 1 at Meadowlinks was a great introduction to the game and all of us feel like we can play this game...and we'll be back for more group ... See more

Calling All Veterans

PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) is a golf program for all military veterans, designed to enhance their rehabilitation and assimilation back into society. The HOPE program provides all ... See more
Drive, chip & putt: a game for every golfer
There are so many ways to have fun hitting a golf ball. You can create your own variation on the Drive, Chip & Putting Championship scoring format to ...
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You may have noticed the Drive, Chip & Putt Championship while following the build-up to the Masters at Augusta National. It’s a fantastic initiative to spotlight Junior Golf with a competition that ... See more
You may have noticed the Drive, Chip & Putt Championship while following the build-up to the Masters at Augusta National. It’s a fantastic initiative to spotlight Junior Golf with a competition that ... See more
If you’re shooting in the lower 90’s with some good scores lower in the 80’s, but you’re inclined to lose the ball right (left for left-handers) because of your first move on the downswing, then ... See more
Learn the game at the same time as your junior for years of family enjoyment together on the golf course. Moms and dads of Junior Golf I students are invited to this three-week group lesson covering ... See more
Free Junior Clinic to introduce your child to the game learning full swing fundamentals, safety and etiquette. Introduce your child to the game of golf for a lifetime
After that sign up your ...
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Did you forget your fundamentals over the winter?
Our three week Spring Refresher reviews and re-emphasizes full swing and short game fundamentals.
A fun way to learn the wonderful game of golf!
You will learn the fundamentals of the five shots encountered on the course.
Classes will cover fundamentals, rules and etiquette ...
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This fun team scramble format is for juniors of every skill level.
5-6 regular season competitions plus instructional sessions
Participants receive team jerseys, golf balls and PGA JLG bag ...
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