Meadow Links Golf Academy Rates

FlightScope Complete Combine

The FlightScope Complete Combine will test your distance and accuracy to 28 targets, measuring for length and proximity of accuracy. The com­bine features a representation of shots encoun­tered on ... See more

FlightScope Lesson

FlightScope golf lessons help golfers improve their impact awareness by providing precise in­formation to improve their game. This state-of-the-art technology provides golfers with detailed ... See more

Private lessons

Private lessons for the beginner offer a personalized way of learning the proper fundamentals of the swing, techniques for various shot and information on how to play the game. For the more ... See more
Are you looking for more consistent contact with your irons or longer shots with your woods? The Full Swing School covers full swing irons and full swing woods, emphasizing the swing fundamentals and ... See more
A good short game is essential to lowering your score. If you feel like you are giving away too many storkes around the green, then this school is for you. Designed for players of all skill levels, ... See more
The Spring Refresher reviews and re-emphasizes the stance and swing fundamentals. This is a great session for those who want to get the season started on the right foot.

10:1 ...
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This free one-hour program gives you an opportunity to see what is involved in learning and playing the game of golf. Receive a tour of the nationally recognized Meadow Links facility and see all of ... See more
Class 1: It's All About Impact
What could be more effective than improving the most important part of the golf swing? Impact is the top priority. You will gain the tools to improve the moment of ...
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After learning the fundamentals in Beginning Golf I, Beginning Golf II prepares students to play by demonstrating when to apply the learned skills on the golf course. We will build on full swing and ... See more
A fun way to learn the wonderful game of golf! You will become familiar with the fundamentals of the five shots encountered on the golf course, including wood shots, iron shots, shipping, pitching ... See more
This series of clinics offers a great opportunity for boys and girls to gain knowledge of the game, improve their swing techniques and improve their golf skills, all while having fun and making new ... See more
After completing Junior Golf I, juniors ages 7-15 who want to improve specific aspects of their game will find Junior Golf II provides time for in-depth, personal attention to concentrate on ... See more
Junior Golf I is a must for any child desiring to learn the game of golf! During this three-week lesson, students will learn the fundamentals of golf, including swing techniques for a variety of ... See more
Moms and dads of Junior Golf I students are invited to this three-week group lesson covering the full swing for long shots, short game techniques, putting and course knowledge. Learn the game for ... See more
Meadow Links Golf Academy junior golfers
Don't let your game go cold during the winter months! In the Junior Winter Academy, juniors age 10-17 learn the essentials of full swing, chipping, pitching and putting through various drills and ... See more