We want you to improve your score on Par 3’s. Part of that is avoiding 5’s, 6’s and even worse.
Sometimes the hole designer is looking to harm your scorecard.
Consider this real Par 3 (it’s the 200 yard+ 12th on White River Country Club):

Simple Tip #4
Sometimes a Par 3 is really a Par 4. Play it that way.
The vast majority of golfers should lay up in the safe area, and then pitch the ball up onto the green.
It’s probably a 4, a chunked chip might mean a 5, but it could be a 3.
But out of bounds, and you’re playing 3 from the tee.
In the water and you’re playing 3 from a drop zone that forces you to skirt the water again.
Now about that chunked chip shot...

Billy Casper was a great golfer.
It’s worth noting that, in his 1
stroke 1959 US Open victory
at Winged Foot, he laid up in
every round on the Par 3 17th.

You’ll be faced with a course management challenge on all approach shots, not just Par 3’s.
Try playing a round where you take a ‘safety first’ approach to every shot. Check out your score.
Is it an improvement if you play within yourself? Course management is an important part of your game;
if you’d be interested in an accompanied round to help with your course management,